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Quality Assurance and Software Testing

You’ve worked hard to develop software to meet your consumers’ needs. Let us help you take it to the next level with our comprehensive quality assurance services. Our meticulous attention to detail and adaptability ensures your final product exceeds all expectations.

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Why Quality Assurance Testing is Important

Quality assurance services are vital for any software development process. Conducting thorough unit testing ensures you release a quality, high performance product free of bugs or errors. This in turns saves you time, energy, and money on costly troubleshooting efforts and patches. Antidote QA offers comprehensive quality assurance unit testing no matter the project. Our extensive quality testing services help you ensure your product passes the highest standards before release to consumers.

Web Testing

Optimize site speed and functionality for the best front end experience.

Mobile App Testing

Make sure your app is compatible with the latest mobile devices.

UI Testing

Ensure your website or application is optimized for ease of use for consumers.

Usability Testing

Learn exactly how your consumers interact with your software for greater optimization.

Regression Testing

Ensure updates and code adjustments won’t impact your software’s functionality.

Automation Testing

Save time and resources by automating your quality assurance unit testing.

Acceptance Testing

Keep your software up to industry standards with continuous QA testing.

Antidote QA Testing Services

Antidote QA specializes in both frontend and backend testing for web development, mobile apps for Android and iOS, and more. We provide thorough unit testing services for any software project at every stage of development. Our small team of dedicated, detail oriented QA experts deliver timely results and customized solutions. Our testing services are multifold:

User Interface and Accessibility Testing

Usability and accessibility are vital for any software development process. Ease of use for all consumers increases your software’s value and profitability. Through our extensive UI testing process we help improve your software’s front end experience.

Regression Testing Services

As technology advances and device capabilities expand, your program needs to be able to stand the test of time. Ensure your software is prepared for any future updates and additions with extensive regression testing. Our customizable automated regression testing services keeps your product functional and optimized.

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Requirement Acceptance Testing

Before your software is ready for delivery it needs to undergo requirement acceptance testing.

Education and Training

Quality assurance testing is only one facet of the software development process. Antidote QA offers training and education services to ensure your team can properly maintain your software. Continuous training and education on new methods and industry standards gives your team a competitive edge.

OUR clients

Antidote QA has worked with companies of all sizes across various industries. Our team has experience working with clients in social media, finance, retail, hospitality and travel, cryptocurrency, audio/video services and more. Our commitment to providing top quality assurance testing services has created amazing partnerships, including:

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